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Environmental Day Video

A video by ClassleSoft on World Environmental Day

Animation video: A Brief History of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have powered human growth and ingenuity for centuries. Now that we’re reaching the end of cheap and abundant oil and coal supplies, we’re in for an exciting ride. While there’s a real risk that we’ll fall off a cliff, there’s still time to control our transition to a post-carbon future.

And now, for your viewing and sharing pleasure we bring you 300 YEARS OF FOSSIL FUELED GROWTH IN 5 MINUTES:

Sign for a Green Diwali Petition

I have signed a petition for a ‘Green Diwali’. With every signature, Rs 10 will go towards the Solar Lighting Project for 1500 poor households that currently live in the dark. They live without electricity and rely on kerosene lamps for light after dark.

you help them for a better livelihood by taking out 2 minutes from your busy schedule to sign this petition.

This Diwali, experience the joy of giving by gifting a poor family the happiness of ‘light’!

But hurry, the end date of the petition is November 16th, 2012.

Sign this petition here –