World’s First Smart Eco-friendly Deodorant

ClickStick introduces the Deodorant Save Club. Users can save up to 90% of plastic waste and, inspired by the Dollar Shave Club, save on refills by ordering $2 refills straight to their door, from the ClickStick website or mobile app. It is hard to believe but the yearly weight of deodorant plastic in the United States is equivalent to the weight of 145 jumbo jets (more than 53,000 tons).

ClickStick was created by two rocket scientists from Princeton University, who found a revolutionary way to reduce plastic waste and revolutionize personal care, by introducing the world’s first refillable eco-friendly deodorant applicator.

ClickStick is also equipped with a unique precision dispensing and a push-button that releases the exact amount of deodorant with each push of the button, minimizing skin irritations and limiting aluminum exposure, the active ingredient in antiperspirants. Overexposure to aluminum has been proven to be unhealthy when applied in excessive amounts.

ClickStick comes with an easy-to-use mobile app that sets your preferences and most importantly, orders the eco-friendly refills.

Make sure you watch the hilarious ClickStick video on Kickstarter:


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